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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Training / Learning Course

Why Manage Safety?

This training course is recommended for those handling open food particularly in view of the requirements of the Food Safety Regulations 1995, which requires food handlers to be trained in High Standards to work in their work activity..

There are a number of reasons why we need to manage safety.  They can be summarised in three main groups’ ethical and moral considerations, legal requirements and financial matters.

Most people would agree that, whatever risks they choose to take them selves, it is unacceptable to put other people at risk, particularly when this is done without their knowledge or consent.  Put simply, everyone is entitled to feel confident that they will go home in one piece!  No one wants to suffer an injury or to see a colleague injured.

This training course will cover many topics which will demonstrate how to manage Hazards, what is hazard, what do we man by harm, what do we mean by Risk, Risk rating and how to measure risk.

Aims of the course

  • The session will run in conjunction with a series of exercises and a risk assessment Safety Video
  • This course has been used successfully within the Social Services, Paper Industry and in Private Nursing and Care Homes
  • The video will cover a range of Risk Assessment topics important to you in your working environment
  • We will discuss each topic and highlight procedures and practices put in place by your organisation