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First Aid

This training course is aimed at employees who have been nominated as ‘appointed persons’ for their workplace or if your risk assessment has shown that First Aider’s are not necessary. Then this course will provide the skills and knowledge required for appointed persons to render necessary First Aid in an emergency situation. This training course is also suitable for those who wish to gain knowledge of emergency procedures and a recognised qualification in First Aid.

The aim of this training course is to provide appointed persons with the knowledge & skills to summon help & give safe, prompt & effective emergency aid to a casualty in the workplace following an injury or illness using materials to hand and/or H.S.E approved first aid equipment.

Aims & Objectives
By the end of this training course, the student will be able to:

14 7 State the role of the appointed person
13 6 Carry out a primary survey of a casualty
12 5 To place an unconscious casualty into the recovery position
11 4 Carry out effective rescue breathing to current Resuscitation Council guidelines
10 3 Carry out effective CPR to current Resuscitation Council guidelines
9 2 Recognise and deal with Minor & major cases of bleeding
8 1 To recognise and treat a patient suffering from medical shock